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Internet Service Model and Policy for Independent Third Party Vendors at Stanford

Stanford third party vendors must use a separate network for Internet Service not connected to Stanford. Since third party vendors cannot use the Stanford network, University IT has built a “point of entry” for use to obtain internet service from Comcast located in Room 106 at 333 Bonair Siding within the IT Services managed space.

This Service is demarcated from the Comcast supplied cable modem with ethernet ports and runs through a vendor-ordered Stanford dark fiber circuit to the vendor’s building service location. The third party vendor is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the network switches required to interconnect to this Service. This equipment is required to convert the Comcast copper-based ethernet service to fiber and back again to the copper based ethernet service in your service location.

Service ownership is as follows for Service problems:

  • Stanford University IT will repair any fiber tie issue associated with the Service
  • The third party vendor is responsible for purchase and maintenance of interconnecting switches (see Recommended Switches)
  • Comcast owns and maintains the cable modem and associated Internet Service. Please note that Comcast provides an option for the customer to purchase and install their own cable modem.

PCI Compliance

All vendors that handle financial transactions--including Point of Sale systems--- are expected to be PCI compliant. More information on third party security can be found on the University IT website:

Service Ordering Procedures

The third party vendor should follow the procedures below to establish Internet Service for Point of Sale systems:

1. Order Comcast service to be delivered to: 333 Bonair Siding Rd, Stanford, CA 94305

2. Purchase two switches* equipped with single mode fiber SFP’s

*Recommended Switches: Communication Services to provide spec on request

3. Order a fiber circuit from Bonair (09-190-1.7) to their campus location (Qd-Bldg-TSO) – (e.g., McMurtry Café – 07-090-1019B)

*The cost for the fiber circuit is $615 to install (OCC) and $100/month (MRC)). Order Management can assist a third party vendor with a valid Stanford account to place Work Order for fiber circuit on request.

4. Plug in fiber equipped switches on both ends through fiber.  Plug an Ethernet port into the Comcast cable modem (supplied by Comcast).

University IT Contact Information

Third party vendors can contact the following persons in University IT with questions or to schedule an engineer for fiber connection assistance:

Additional Fees

All third party vendors are charged an 8% infrastructure fee. This is a University fee (not an IT Services fee).